By: Kylie Scott

The Stage Dive series never disappoints and Deep just solidifies that Kylie Scott has got a good thing going on.

After watching all of the other Stage Dive members fall in love and live happily ever after it is only right that Ben Nicholson thinks they’re all crazy and he wants nothing more than to stick to his single and carefree life; until he meets Lizzy.

The book is written from Lizzy’s perspective and right from the beginning we know she likes Ben Nicholson, ALOT. He is in a successful band, he’s big, got the right amount of muscle, has tattoos and knows how to rock a beard – the question is who isn’t down for that?

“Never before had the sight of a man made me go so gaga”

Lizzy’s sister is with Stage Dive’s drummer, Mal and Mal has explicitly told Ben DO NOT GO THERE!! What everyone wasn’t prepared for was Lizzy being determined to absolutely go there.

Lizzy and Ben spend endless hours and days texting and speaking on the phone, you see their flirtatious banter escalating to a forbidden exchange of emotions and you watch Lizzy’s carefully constructed plan crumble when Ben dismisses the notion of anything happening between them.

Months pass with no communication, only for the two to meet again at Mal and Anne’s wedding. Lizzy does her best to ignore Ben but all Ben wants to do is talk to Lizzy. Chasing Lizzy all over Vegas, Lizzy and Ben end up sharing an explosive night which once again ends up in tears and heartache for Lizzy and a whole lot of unanswered emotions for Ben.

Thinking that the love story of Ben and Lizzy has been completely destroyed Lizzy’s world is turned upside down to reveal she may have to see Ben a whole lot more then she would like to.

“I would handle this like an adult, pull myself together and go talk to Ben. We’d been friends at one time. Sort of I could still talk to him about stuff… Yes, I could and I would. Just as soon as I finished my tantrum”

We witness Ben and Lizzy’s complicated circumstances unfold, to reveal not only some ugly moments but some sweet truths. With everybody getting involved and having an opinion in the lives of Ben and Lizzy we see a catalyst moment really put their efforts at a relationship to the test. Once again Ben doubts his ability to contribute positively to the relationship and Lizzy is determined to not get caught up in his indecisiveness.

“I was never trying to change you, I just wanted some of your time, your attention. I wanted to be a part of what you love. You’ve got another six or so weeks on tour. I don’t want to hear from you during that time…. I just… I need a break. From all of this.”

Ben may want to be with Lizzy but he has to convince Lizzy he will never ruin this thing they have. If he successfully does that then maybe, just maybe all Stage Dive band members will get their happily ever after.