By: M. Mabie

Okay, so I’m going to start off by saying how amazingly heartbreaking this book is! It takes you to places in your mind that you cannot even imagine going. The book was so well written you were able to laugh through the tears of this emotional roller coaster, whilst holding on to hope for the characters Casey and Blake.

 The first chapter of the book sets the scene for the rest of the book. It gives you an insight to how Blake’s mind works. She is grumpy because of the rain, her luggage got lost in the airport and her boyfriend bailed on the trip. That is right folks she has a boyfriend. Nothing seems to be going her way (which we end up seeing a lot of that throughout the book; whether through choice or circumstance). Once she lays eyes on Casey her mood immediately shifts. She analyses the way he looks, what he is wearing and she comes to the conclusion that…

“Casey was perfect. As simple as that.”

As the book progresses so do the ups and downs of their relationship (or ‘friendship’ as they call it) and our eyes are opened to see just how perfect they are for each other. Blake becomes a different person when she is around Casey; happy, carefree and real. But why doesn’t this seem to be enough? Casey “lives out of a suitcase”, does he want all the things she wants? She never asked and he didn’t tell. The massive breakdown in communication becomes the catalyst for a showdown of epic proportions. As the reader is given access to their raw emotions, we watch Casey and Blake experience the most trying times of their lives.

There are so many stones left unturned throughout this book. A number amount of moments where you will wish they went down a different road. And the most dominant feeling; you WILL feel like someone has ripped out your heart and stepped on it.

“Casey: Our pain and our love are one and the same. I’ll wait for you. Probably, forever if that’s what it takes.


Casey: Happy 2010. Goodbye.”

The ending leaves you on the edge of the your seat, thinking “what the hell am I supposed to do with my life now?.”

Do Casey and Blake make the right decisions? Do they have a future? Is there more waiting in the next book? PLEASE let there be a HAPPY EVER AFTER!

Waiting patiently for Sail.

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