Fuel The Fire


By: Krista & Becca Ritchie


As part of the Calloway Series this book is third for the series but is the second and final instalment for Connor and Rose. In all the books, you come to realise that each character is significantly important and they all bring something unique to the dynamics of the group. For Connor and Rose this is their unparalleled interpretation, understanding and participation in the world and what is equally interesting is the way this brings to life their joyful, exuberant and heartbreakingly dramatic love story.

Yes this story is about Rose and Connor but the direction of the book from both angles focuses heavily on Connor and his transformation. The beginning sets the scene acknowledging Rose as the catalyst for his change.

‘I never realised how bored I had been with life. How mundane my surroundings looked. How unchallenged I’d become. I never realised all of these things. Until I met her.’

Throughout the series we acknowledge that Connor has previously struggled with the concept of having people in his life that he does not benefit nor profit from. His relationships with Lily, Daisy, Ryke and Lo all significantly change into meaningful, life changing and everlasting bonds. This then brings us to the crux of the book, Rose and Connor doing anything they can do to protect the people they love.

‘“I have to help Lo” Connor said… And for the first time, in probably his entire life, he’s choosing a price with no reward for himself.’

Throughout all the trials and tests this couple face we watch their love for one another grow and you witness two headstrong people realising that they are two halves of the same heart, and one cannot beat without the other.

“And Rose?” “Yes?” I breathe. ”I’m tragically in love with you too.”

Without spoiling one of the major storylines in the book, the roles reverse and Connor and Rose realise that their family wants to protect them as much as they wanted to protect them. Relationships are tested, truths are revealed and love is displayed in so many ways by all characters, it makes it so hard to decide on a favourite. In the end not only does Connor and Rose’s relationship triumph in the face of lies, deceit and drama. But individually Connor and Rose realise their natural predisposition to plan and put into action will not always work, rather their love is and will be the only thing that is constant and unbroken.

“I can hear your heart beating”

“It beats in equal time with yours”


 In conclusion, another thousand pages and it still wouldn’t have been enough to sate my obsession with Connor Cobalt. His personality has always been complex and intriguing. Fuel the Fire accentuates all of his quirky personality and SO SO SO much more. Throughout the book I laughed, I choked up and 99% of the time my heart melted at every interaction between Connor and Rose. I feel so honoured to have met them and witness an unconventional relationship that is so tragically beautiful.


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