What is literature review in social science research

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what is literature review in social science research

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The Environmental Humanities have gained momentum relatively recently, contributing to developing theories of the Anthropocene, responding to rapid changes in climate, and addressing our changing relationship with the world around us. They have also raised questions of how we define, shape, protect, and imagine our environments. This symposium provides a space to consider such questions, while also encompassing a wider sense of environment. The research environment is under increasing scrutiny with discussions surrounding funding, the future of research, interdisciplinarity and collaboration, the mental health and wellbeing of researchers, and how the infrastructure and shape of research environments will look in the future.

What environments best enable the staging, performance, adaptation, re-imagining, or re-working of literature and science? We welcome proposals for 20 minute papers. We welcome proposals for panel presentations, as well as for poster presentations to be held during the lunch break.