How to make a review research paper

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how to make a review research paper

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How Can I Contribute a Paper? Master Masons of a Grand Lodge of Ancient, Accepted Free Masons. The first-known use of the word Freemasons – in the form Free Masons – occurs in City of London Letter-book H of 9 August 1376, though the word is in fact deleted in favour of Mason. Masons and Freemasons were interchangeable during the 15th and 16th centuries and Freemasons were generally meant to denote hewers or setters of freestone, Masons being used to embrace all stoneworkers. 1813 ARTICLES OF UNION: The Physical Documents.

The United Grand Lodge of England will this year celebrate the bicentenary of the Union between the Ancients and the Moderns Grand Lodges in 1813. Fraternities of Free and Accepted Masons of England . Grand Lodge, to be solemnly formed, constituted and held, on the said day . After the prayer in the first degree, the aspirant is led round the temple by the Deacon in a clockwise manner, past the Master in the east, and halting at the Junior Warden and Senior Warden for an examination.

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