Hm case study ethical issues

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hm case study ethical issues

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Anti-Money Laundering Guidance for the Accountancy Sector published New guidance for all entities providing audit, accountancy, tax advisory, insolvency or related services, such as trust and company services, by way of business. The Accountancy Profession in the UK CCAB has published a report, The Accountancy Profession in the UK, prepared on our behalf by Oxford Economics. The report seeks to demonstrate the value of accountants to the UK economy in terms of commerce, number of members, number of accountancy firms, GDP contribution, employment, tax revenues and purchase and export of accounting services. The consultation document can be viewed here.

CCAB’s response can be found here. The underlying purpose of the SORP is to deal with issues that are specific to LLPs and ensure that, as far as possible, LLPs present financial statements that are comparable with those of other entities. LLPs incorporated in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The exposure draft can be found here.

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