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example essay of nick joaquin

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This article needs additional citations for verification. 2011 Bakersfield City Hall Baker Statue.

Bakersfield is a city and the county seat of Kern County, California, United States. The city is a significant hub for both agriculture and oil production. Archaeological evidence indicates the presence of Native American settlements dating back thousands of years. The Yokuts lived in lodges along the branches of the Kern River Delta and hunted antelope, tule elk, deer, bear, fish, and game birds.

In 1862, disastrous floods swept away the original settlement founded in 1860 by the German-born Christian Bohna. In 1873, Bakersfield was officially incorporated as a city and, by 1874, it officially replaced the dying town of Havilah as the county seat. By 1880, the town had a population of 801, and by 1890, it had a population of 2,626. Migration from Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Southern California brought new residents, who were mostly employed by the oil industry.