Application letter for a mining job

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application letter for a mining job

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Our Navajo communities rely on the groundwater for everything. These new projects could contaminate the source of drinking water for 15,000 Navajo community members,” said Nadine Padilla of the Multicultural Alliance for Safe Environments.

Our communities are still living with the legacy of contamination from past uranium mining. Uranium companies and regulators “need to deal with the legacy of past contamination before we would even consider new mining,” she said.

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Congress’ plan to subsidize uranium in-situ leach industry affects Navajo The bill H. Concerned Citizens of Crownpoint, SRIC, the New Mexico Environmental Law Center, New Mexico and U. Public Interest Research Groups, Mineral Policy Center and Taxpayers for Common Sense have blasted the bill’s provisions as another environmental injustice on the Navajo people, as corporate welfare for the the uranium industry, and as bad fiscal policy. LCW Supercritical Technologies have created five grams of yellowcake using acrylic fibers to extract it from seawater. See also: Highly porous and stable metal-organic frameworks for uranium extraction, by M.

Lin, in: Chemical Science 2013, Vol. See also: Oak Ridge National Laboratory release Aug.