Ab inbev merger case study

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ab inbev merger case study

Jump to navigation Jump to search Brewers Retail Inc. The Beer Store, is a Canadian privately owned chain of retail outlets selling beer and other malt beverages in the province of Ontario, Canada. LCBO-authorized agency stores in certain smaller communities. Amendments made to the Liquor Control Act have since allowed for the sale of single and 6 packs of beer at select supermarkets in Ontario. That was done to enhance customer access and convenience.

The Beer Store, however, continues to maintain pricing exclusivity in providing consumers discounts on larger packs of beer, along with retail partners, agency stores, combination stores and manufacturer outlets. The Beer Store follows an open ownership model whereby any qualifying brewer is allowed the opportunity to become a Beer Store shareholder. Currently, the Beer Store is owned by a consortium of 30 Ontario based brewers. In order to qualify, the brewer must operate at least one facility in Ontario, conduct the full brewing process and sell beer through the corporation. As of December 2016, the company operates over 450 retail stores which sell beer to the general public.